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About Lipe Art Park 

Located in Syracuse on West Fayette Street between West St. and South Geddes St., Lipe Art Park was an un-utilized two acre strip of green space until 2007 when a group of artists, community members and civic organizations transformed the space into an exhibition space for artists and a neighborhood park for residents.  

Providing artists with opportunities to create and exhibit within the historic Warehouse District, Lipe Art Park engages the community in the reclamation, revitalization and improvement of their urban environment. Lipe Art Park is a space where art, nature, and the city come together in a unique setting. www.myspace.com/lipeartpark  

So how does this group site help?

With this group site we should be able to talk about events/exhibitions and other things people want to have at the park.  And have readily available, a calendar for booking dates and organizing events.

Welcome to the Groupsite for Lipe Art Park.
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