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Lipe Art Park

I just sent this blast:

Dear Artists, Friends and Supporters, 

I am deeply saddened by the news that Aleks Slota’s artwork has been destroyed while on display in Lipe Art Park. Vandalism has been a concern since the inception of the park, and it is unfortunate that this has manifested itself by means of Mr. Slota’s work. Public Art is a tough medium, and vandalism is a reality for anyone working within the medium. This does not mean that we should accept this sitting down. 

Aleks has been involved with the Lipe Project since the beginning, and has donated many hours of time and service towards the realization of this park. In fact, it is by his hand that the Lipe Art Park signs were painted. 

Although this is sad and unfortunate for all of us who have worked on this park, I would imagine that it is especially hard for the artist himself, and I am sending words of encouragement in hopes that this has not discouraged Aleks from continuing to show work at Lipe Art Park, and throughout Central New York. His artwork is intellectual, aesthetic and original and a great asset to the community as a whole. I am writing to ask each of you to stand up in any way that you can for Aleks Slota and Lipe Art Park. 

Write editorials to the newspaper, expressing not only your distaste for vandalism, but in support of this artist and Friends of Lipe Art Park for the work that they have done to make this possible. Try to remain positive in light of a negative occurrence. Question the media outlets as to why they chose to cover the story of vandalism over the art installation itself, thereby creating a negative “I told you so” type of story in lieu of reporting Aleks Slota’s work.

Get down to Lipe Art Park! Play Music, Perform, Read Poetry, schedule night walks through the park, Put up your artwork – respond to this with art, and with words, and with action. Please do not sit, but stand up, collectively and take this park as yours! Send a wide message that vandalism of our local artist’s work and of our public spaces is Not acceptable, and use this instance as a means to spread the message in a positive way. There are more of us than them. 

I implore you. Stand up. 


Best Regards, 

Ty Marshal 



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Lipe Art Park
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